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A Tent for the Underprivileged KOPPER TRUST Prelude:

Kopper Trust is a registered charitable trust during the favourable year of 2016 having 20 years of long experience in the field of community development and community enhancement of poorest of the poors in the undeveloped areas in TamilNadu .Our soul aim is to help the socioeconomically poor downtrodden,women in deprivation,children and so on . Mission: Our vision is to help the needy from the deprived society without seeing creed,caste,religion and colour.OurPrime focus is rendering help,inorder to bring a change in the community and their life as well.Preferably children,adolscents,aged and women in all walks of life in different pattern of problems and exploitation encountered by the people in multiple stages of life situation.

Vision:To set a optimistic way of living in miserable situation and challenging life pattern of each individual life and their social life to live and stay healthy.Physically psychologically and socio economically.

To work out to all our project expansion we need of financial as well psychological support.Since we are beholden to take it forward to years together to explore and bang it for the underprivileged people in the society in a broader spectrum of life.

Scope of work In Nutshell: kopper Trust founder and the team has been working in the social work field for the past 20years in and around Chennai city and kanchipuram district. We mainly focused on child labour issues, eradication of child labour, career counselling to the school dropouts and school going children.Our passion towards children to get good education and the deserved children are pulled into normal regular schools.Inorder to necessitate the significane of compulsory education.Where they can get a chance to remodify their life from their bottom line .Secondly concentrating on adolescent boys and girls’ healthy life.Lies on creating them a platform to help them to forecast their future and channelize them to lead a life without harassment and deprivation. STD/HIV/AIDS/DIasterManagement/De-addiction referral service

Our NGO had been rendering services on creating basic awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS and imparting training on safe living without getting Infected (affected )by this pandemic. Besides these de-addiction referral services are part and parcel of our organisation.For eg.,inpatient and rehabilitation through deaddiction centres to the alcoholic addicts and substance abuse.Our target area is Valasaravakkam,virugambakkam,KKnagar,Ashoknagar(AmbedkarNagar)Ashokpillar,Jafferhanpet,Nesapakkam,Ramapuram,Choolaipallam,MGR nagar,T.P chatram,kanchipuram –Manampadi village,Kasimedu-North Chennai. Geriatiric Care and Support :We care and act as a referee for old age care giving counselling and refer to the concern care centre for old age people. Tribal welfare: In the mindset of serving to the welfare of tribal life we have been doing awareness on compulsory education to children of Irula community and gypsy community as well.By and large there are about 300 to four hundred Scheduled Tribes are living in kanchipuram manamped village.Where notably Gypsy community also living mixedly.The basic requirement is education for their children,lack of good food for all of them and a need for a proper shelter.Therefore we intend to educate them on necessity of basic education,awareness on sanitation,and the importance of proper and enriching livelihood.

Transformation from earlier life into changed in life system is found to be more important to them at this point of time.Our priority is on girl children’s present,future life designing not to be a victim of harassment in either physically,psychologically,Socially and multivarious social exploitations in the society.(SHE lIVES) SUPPORT: Give her a equal respect,provide her a equal sharing,give her proper education are surmounting the value added system to girl children. Subsequently Keeping her away from old customs and slavery conventions changed into freed women in the Society throughout her life time. Presently where we are: As of now we are into regular awareness creationnon education to children from 5yrs to 18 yrs.On our second phase of intervention is to educate on cleanliness.Such as a note on selfygine,environmental hygiene,gender equality programmes to them at this point of time.This will be done on traversed basis.Therefore we have planned to organise healthcamps such as eye camp,dentalcamp,skincamp,cancercamps,regular general checkup,Hiv/Aids awareness counselling through regular interacting to them is significant to them to have a characteristic change in their community.All these surmount only after recommendation of regular communication,rapport building,permanent intervention.All these community interventions are inevitable to this wonderful community.(Note:We are on the process of seeking generous monetary support) Training:We are also giving training to ngo staff , slum community , house wife and shg women on life skills,personality development,global warming,personal hygiene,Environment cleanliness. Sensitization programme on Stop child trafficking and girl child harassment,working women harassment,child trafficking, women in prostitution/hiv /aids. Profusely rendering services on marriage counselling, love failures(counselling),youth development,placement cell introduction.And part and parcel of work an introduction toTrion.Paving the way to younger generation.

For all above said activities we need financial support and service resourcing. Contact Person: S.Balamurugan.Project Director 9551021014.email:koppertrust2016@gmail.com,koppertrustindia@gmail.com,website installed shortly. Personal email:jandrewpaul4@gmail.com We have 12AA and 80G Tax Exemption. Darpan registered(Niti Aayog) Off Address: 27/15,Kauvery Apartment Canara Bank Colony, Saligramam,ch-93 Inclusion: Our Intervention and interactions with Traibal Project Remote village in the Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu is in habituated with the IRULAS, the tribal community with 60 families. The Male member of the community earn the living for self and family by cutting trees, rearing goats and cattles, digging ponds and Wells , and catching snakes and earn one square meal a day for the family . The approximate average wages per day is not more than 50 rupees The children at Valarpuram village facilitated with the regular educational support

Promotional activities like Self Help Groups are formed to facilitate Thrift and Savings habits among the women members in the families. The 40 members were divided in to 8 SHGs and facilitated with the linkages with the Nationalized Banks to open up their Savings Account of the SHGs . About 30 children and youth are facilitated with Sports, Educational and Cultural activities at regular intervals thereby catering the Cultural and Emotional needs of the Children, besides the formal educational support etc.

KOPPER TRUST BANK DETAILS Branch:Vadapalani 55,100 feet road,Vadapalani,Chennai-600026 A/C NO:6440105533 IFS CODE:IDIB000V001 CBS CODE:00389

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